Cake and oil production

Cake and oil production

Oilseeds are today one of the main promoters of Fanon special products and feeding concepts.
For the best quality of final products, most important are high quality oilseeds which we collect in cooperation with local producers.
From husk, cake (expeller) till extra virgin high quality coldpressed oil, combined with technology and special treatment inspired by nature processes, we create unique combinations of fibers, proteins and energy.
Complete focus is on production of high-oil cakes for specialities, and extra quality oil is high value „by-product”.

RUPIOL Sunline was awarded with silver medal at the Eurotier 2018

We proudly announce that Fanon, as the only representative from Croatia, was presented the silver medal for innovations at the world’s leading fair, Eurotier, in the field of farming and feeding.

This was the extraordinary honor and a highlightof the year 2018 for Fanon.

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