Cattle breeding

Cattle breeding

Fanon's advisors provide the highest level of professional support in feeding and farm management and have accordingly developed cycle 399. It is a set of nutritional products, reproductive procedures and activities (reproduction protocol), aimed at improving the fertility of cows, so that cows are pregnant up to 100 days of lactation. Intercrowding period up to 399 days.

Extended range of feed for dairy cattles are customized to specific basic feed and are supplemented with innovative products necessary for top production, health and reproduction of Your cows:

  • Alfa
  • Corn
  • Gras
  • Omega
  • Antiket
  • Vario GTI
  • Deukalac UDP
  • Rupiol
  • Betavim
  • Transifit + E

With application of this aproach through the sinergy of feeding and procedures, the milk yield of the herd will rise in fastest, healthiest and cheapest way.

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