Cattle fattening

Cattle fattening

Nutrition is one of the most important factors that affects cattle fattening. Pre-fattening, main fattening and final fattening, are a minimum of three stages in cattle fattening. It is in this division that Fanon's advisors incorporate adequate products into their meals.

With this is important to pay attention to:

  • High protein level that must be built-in meals for today's very fleshy breed
  • High energy level which can't be satisfied only with a lot of corn in meal.

However, it is necesarry to think of balance in meals, considering there will occure strong and early fattening due to high level of starch in corn and cereals, which will significantly reduce daily gains. Fanon's superconcentrates have high energy values and are based on protein and processed fibers. This products are rich in protected oils, and allow to make meals with over 13 MJ ME. Only with energy that high will lead to the highest increments. Fanon advisors provide highest professional support in feeding as well as farm management.

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