Very good production performance, best Gut health and animal welfare are not Contradictions. Nature itself gives us that all possibilities. With INNACO fiber mineral we have an innovative special mineral and Supplementary feed program for sows, piglets and fattening pigs developed the cereal and Protein components optimal in every way


Unique product, intended for feeding monogastric animal.
Serves as a source of protein, essential oils, structural and fermentable fibers. It has specific content of used raw materials, and nutritional properties. Its combined form of protein and energy sources, complemented by unique way of preparation with high-pressure hydrothermal treatment, which allow full usage of this product in animal nutrition. Consist of full-fat soybeans and sunflower meal, in different customized rations.
It is used in the preparation of daily rations in the form of compound feed (complete or complementary). It must be mixed with other feed materials, in the quantities that ensures that the nutritional
needs of animal species and categories for which the product is used are met.

Mostar 85

Easily-digestible feed material intended for feeding young animals with undeveloped or underdeveloped enzymatic system. Specially processed corn applying hydrothermal treatment of high efficiency where there is a specific change in the structure of the processed feed material in terms of modification of starch granules at the molecular level. The semi crystalline and amylopectin structure becomes disintegrated; its surface is increased which is a prerequisite for rapid and full utilization of such processed starch by enzymatic system and complete absorption of the end products of hydrolytic degradation - simple sugars.


Newly developed, natural source of easily digestible starch and Proteins rich in energy and amino acids. By means of the pressure-hydrothermal LTCL technology will use the feeds used - 50% soybeans and 50% corn - under the influence of pressure, temperature and humidity gently unlocked. The physical and nutritional properties significantly improved. The product has a golden yellow color, a pleasant smell and very good taste. It is very popular with animals. OptiGold represents a unique combined source of high quality proteins and digestible energy. OptiGold is an excellent specialty product in feed mixes for piglets, lactating sows, poultry, calves and horses. In open cereals Recipes for calves and horses, the extrudate structure is an important Quality characteristic and contributes to a high level of acceptance. 


Product intended for feeding mono-gastric animals, especially those in reproduction. It serves as a source of essential Ω-3 fatty acids and much needed fermentable fibers in feed and rations of high yielding animals. Positive influence on reproduction, which Ω-3 fatty acids have (acting as a precursor for the synthesis of the hormone, followed by activation of the metabolic processes) and their protective role against inflammatory reaction in the cell wall, makes this product essential part of nutrition. Combined with fermentable fibers it affects function of GIT and have prebiotic features. Whole together makes this product a unique tool in building healthier and more productive animals.


Profiferm is a made from rapeseed (cake and meal) and Sunflowers (cakes and grits) made special product. These Raw materials are carefully selected, ground, mixed and prepared by means of pressure-hydrothermal LTCL technology. Under the physical Parameters temperature, pressure, optimum humidity in well-defined time combination, the nutritional value of the feeds elevated. Protein and energy are better available for the animal that contained Fiber is very well swellable and easy to ferment. palatability and technical properties of the product are also significantly increased.
Potential anti-nutritive ingredients have been shown to be reduced. Profiferm includes a very good protein and Amino Acid Digestibility - this supports animal performance and decreases the nitrogen excretion. The high swelling and water retention capacity ensures a very good hydration in the GIT, the enzymatic digestion begins fast and the risk for dysbiosis to diarrhea is significantly reduced.

RUPIOL Sunline was awarded with silver medal at the Eurotier 2018

We proudly announce that Fanon, as the only representative from Croatia, was presented the silver medal for innovations at the world’s leading fair, Eurotier, in the field of farming and feeding.

This was the extraordinary honor and a highlightof the year 2018 for Fanon.

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