ProfiFerm is made from specially selected nonGMO feed, which are grind just before mixing. The mixture is subjected to a special patented technological process, known as the LTCL hydrothermal feed treatment process. During this process, which uses combination of high temperatures, pressures and moisture in strictly defined time period. In that way processed material, comes to the changes in feeding characteristics of processed food. It comes to oppening of the structure of matrix feed with consequently increasing nutritional values and eliminating a large portion of antinutritive substances.

Fanon Spe Profiferm


  • Increases the digestibility of amino acids
  • Increases digestibility and fermentability of fibers
  • Reduces the level of thermolabile antinutritive substances
  • Gives elevated WHC
  • Improves edibility.

Fanon advisors are available for making recipes, make sure to contact them.

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