RUPIOL Sunline is an innovative bypass energy concentrate with a high proportion of easily digestible, but rumen-protected polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can replace palm fat products from ratios of dairy cows, fattening bulls and other ruminants in high production. It’s produced solely from locally grown, nonGMO materials implementing state of the art - Module Processing Feed Technology.

On top of that, RUPIOL Sunline is also a valuable source of highly digestible protein, reach in sulphuric amino acids, which are extremely important for liver fitness and overall energy supply of animals. It’s intended to be used directly on the farm, mixing it to the TMR or in “on the top” feeding.

Fanon with awarded RUPIOL Sunline at EUROTIER 2018

Visit us in Halle 20, stand B29

We proudly announce that Fanon, as only representitive from Croatia will be present on world’s leading fair for innovations in ground of farming and feeding.

Extraordinary honor and highlight of the year for us will receive the Silver Medal of EUROTIER Innovation Award for our RUPIOL Sunline product.

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