Rupiol Sunline

Excellent By-pass energy for your milk cows

  • Improving energy supply for highly dairy cows
  • Stable in the rumen, and highly digestible in the small intestine
  • Profitable milk production insurance
  • Sustainable - GMO-free and palm fat-free

Fanon Spe Rupiol

RUPIOL Sunline is an innovative bypass energy concentrate with a high proportion of easily digestible, but rumen-protected polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can replace palm fat products from ratios of dairy cows, fattening bulls and other ruminants in high production. It’s produced solely from locally grown, nonGMO materials implementing state of the art - Module Processing Feed Technology.

Fats and oils Proteins          Hemicellulose + NFC
35% 22% 19%

On top of that, RUPIOL Sunline is also a valuable source of highly digestible protein, reach in sulphuric amino acids, which are extremely important for liver fitness and overall energy supply of animals. It’s intended to be used directly on the farm, mixing it to the TMR or in “on the top” feeding.

Advantages of RUPIOL Sunline

  • Reliable source of energy for high milk yield and quality milk composition. RUPIOL Sunline is a highly concentrated source of By-pass energy. It contains a high level of quality, borage-stable oils and vegetable fats, easily digested in the small intestine. It contains easily fermentable structural carbohydrates, also protected from degradation in the rumen, but easily digestible in the gut.
  • A reliable source of protein for high milk yield and quality milk composition. Rupiol Sunline provides a high-value Bypass protein with glucogenic amino acids to enable the development of milk protein for highly productive cows.
  • Safe metabolic support for stable production: polyunsaturated fatty acids in By-pass rapeseed oil are released in the small intestine and used in the necessary metabolic processes.
  • Answers to important questions: RUPIOL Sunline consists of genetically unmodified raw materials procured from regionally contracted farmers and is a VLOG certified product. It is a unique substitute for palm oil in systems where it must not be used.
  • Experienced in practice and safe: RUPIOL Sunline is successfully used on many European farms. It also has all the necessary certificates necessary in milk production: QS, VLOG, GMP +, A-FTUTTER, AMA pastus +.
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