ROMINO feeding concept, encourages infant ruminants to begin eating starter sooner and more frequently. It boosts animal natural immune defenses, allowing the animals to spend energy on growth and less for fighting off environmental challenges. It ensures proper development of those organic systems which will have crucial impact on future production.

Fanon Spe Romino

At the same time, proper digestion is guaranteed. The complete feed or total mixed ration is a quantitative mixture of all dietary ingredients to provide the specific nutrients requirement. In this system, the animal has continuous free choice availability of a uniform feed mixture resulting in more uniform load on the rumen. This product is fed as a sole source of nutrients except water.

The first 100 - refers to the first 100 days of the animal's life. At that time, we concentrate on the following:

  • beginning of solid food consumption
  • inoculation of rumen content with anaerobic microorganisms
  • establishment of fermentative processes in the rumen
  • increase in rumen volume
  • differentiation and growth of papillae
  • development of absorption and metabolic pathways
  • maturation of the salivary apparatus
  • development of the survival reflex
  • strengthening active immunity.

A complete meal, or TMR, is a mixture of all the nutrients in an amount that will meet the nutritional needs of the animal. In such a feeding system, the animal has a source of a complete meal at its disposal at all times, resulting in an even load on the rumen micropopulation. It is the only food given to animals (except water).

Fanon experts have developed this concept for:

Calves - Romino Kalb
Goats - Romino Kid
Sheep - Romino Lamb
Each of these products is used by animals at different days of age so there are flex, small, medium and large Romino. For easier review, Fanon experts have made a Romino Timeline for calves where you can see when and how much is being used.


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