Structured feed

ROMINO feeding concept, encourages infant ruminants to begin eating starter sooner and more frequently. It boosts animal natural immune defenses, allowing the animals to spend energy on growth and less for fighting off environmental challenges. It ensures proper development of those organic systems which will have crucial impact on future production.


At the same time, proper digestion is guaranteed. The complete feed or total mixed ration is a quantitative mixture of all dietary ingredients to provide the specific nutrients requirement. In this system, the animal has continuous free choice availability of a uniform feed mixture resulting in more uniform load on the rumen. This product is fed as a sole source of nutrients except water.

RUPIOL Sunline was awarded with silver medal at the Eurotier 2018

We proudly announce that Fanon, as the only representative from Croatia, was presented the silver medal for innovations at the world’s leading fair, Eurotier, in the field of farming and feeding.

This was the extraordinary honor and a highlightof the year 2018 for Fanon.

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