Fanon has developed Galina, products line that moves borders of modern poultry feeding. Fanon has known since 2013. that soybean meal does not have to be the main source of protein. A different approach to meal processing can reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics, while improving conversion and growth.

On offer Fanon has:

  • complete program for intensive and non-intensive broiler fattening
  • supplementary feed mixtures (superconcentrates)
  • food for chickens and laying hens
  • food for turkeys, ducks, geese, pheasants, pigeons, ostriches.

With buying these products, farmers will ensure:

  • Non GMO production
  • Antibiotics free production
  • Support of localy growned raw materials
  • Production safety- QS, AMA Pastus+, GMP+, A-Futter certificates

Fanon advisors give highest level of professional support in nutrition as well as farm management.

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