Sheep are raised for milk production, meat production, breeding or fattening. To achieve optimal of sheep, during the breeding it is necessary to pay attention to the optimal nutrition of the sheep, the welfare of animals, and a great role is played by the breed.

The production program for sheep itself is aimed at enabling maximum production,  good utilization of nutrients and ensuring economical production.

Fanon experts have devised a wide range of products:

  • Romino - inovative, nutritive concept from the beginning
  • Lamb - line of supplementary feed mixtures
  • Ovina – ram line
  • Supplementary feeding mixture for lactating sheep.

Fanon's sheep products, from the beginning, enable proper growth and development and contribute to sustainable production, while Fanon's advisors give highest level of professional support in nutrition and farm management.  

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Farm management - experience of our experts and research for maximal efficiency of your production

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