Farm managament

Farm managament

Staying competitive today on the market when you have huge pressure on the prices, demands a lot of investment and effort in Farm Management. Each farm is one system which has its inputs and desired outputs and they define efficency of production. To provide top products in this production there are several processes that need to be satisfied. One of most important is Farm management. Fanon has trough years of experience, farm visits, university researching, laboratory observations and cooperations with farmers develop own advising network in poultry, swine production and ruminants. 

With own farm advisors, we have cooperation with external nutritionist and vetenerians for giving the best support to farmers in matter:

  • Animal management- microclimate (temperature, humidity, air velocity)
  • Feeding management – feed preparation and distribution, daily diet number, phase feeding by production and reproduction, feeding hygiene, feeding efficiency)
  • Reproduction and genetics selection- maximizing animal performance
  • Prevention in animal healthcare- antibiotics reduction
  • Smart farming- tracking and collection of production data that can be captured, analysed and used for decision-making
  • Knowledge transfer – group farm visits, sharing information and experience, external advisor
  • Laboratory analyses- cooperation with external laboratories in EU, own internal laboratory and services on field
Farm management - experience of our experts and research for maximal efficiency of your production

Contact our advisor and find out what to do to improve efficiency and make significant savings.

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