Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics

To meet the needs and requirements of customers, Fanon d.o.o. has acquired its own fleet through long-term investments. The transport of feed requires transport in special vehicles. Fanon d.o.o. works according to the QS principle and this also applies to transport. The truck drivers are trained accordingly, and the cleanliness of the truck is given special attention.

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With its own fleet, more than 95% of the total quantity produced is delivered under controlled conditions. An average age of 3 to 4 year old vehicles, a well-trained logistics and experienced drivers ensure the transport quality. The fleet consists of 23 trucks (walking floor, dump trucks, silo vehicles) and the delivery itself is tracked via the online platform. Fanon is also represented on the TimoCom trading broker with the ID number: 253816.
Except for domestic traffic, Fanon is also represented in international traffic as well as in exports to Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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